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Poul Henningsen who was a professional architect is well known the invention of lighting fixtures that resulted from his passion for the new technology on electric bulbs. In the year 1925, one of the fixtures that he developed won a prize as the modern form of lighting. This prize was awarded at the International Exposition of Decorative Arts in Paris, France. The following year, Lois Poulsen and Company started producing this type of bulbs in Copenhagen an since then it has been in demand in almost every part of the world.Consider visiting 122 design hjemmeside for great PH lamp collection.

A preview of the PH Lamp

The History

Henningsen grew up in a small Danish town where there was no electricity, but he wanted to improve the soft gas lighting that he used when he was young with his new electric fixtures. Made of painted reflective metal bands, the now iconic P-H lamps design was majorly based on the scientific analysis of how a lamp shade works. The aim of good distribution of light and reducing glare determined the shape and size of the shade.


Variations to the design of PH lamp were made to accommodate different functions and also to fit in different space sizes. A few years after its introduction, the PH lamps were being used in many homes and world-class institutions in Scandinavia. Poul Henningsen continued designing for Lois Poulsen after he had made his early invention.
Uses of A PH lamp. The lamps have a broad range of uses, some of the uses are;

Used in the living room

It is used to light living rooms, unlike other lamp shades, PH lamps are designed in a way that the light produced is not channeled to a small area but covers a wide region. This is the best lamp to light up a living room with because of the area coverage of the light produced, and also it can be used as a decoration to the room. This is because PH lamps come in different designs and one can also choose the color that he or she likes.

Used in the office

PH lamp bulbs maximize the productivity of an office irrespective of the size that is used. Some are designed to produce white light just like the daylight, and this will enable one stay focused on whatever he or she is doing.



Some of the benefits of PH lamps are; their designs can be modified to fit small spaces and also if you want one that is big you can readily find it. It is cheap to use the bulb since it does not require a large amount of energy to light it up.

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