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Tips for choosing the best cordless drills

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The invention of the cordless drill has seen many people take up DIY work to improve their homes in different capacities. This is a portable tool that has an essential cutting tool as well as a driving tool to perform a variety of functions. The drill is important in the performance of various roles but most notably the installation of fixtures and fastening structures on surfaces.

Many homeowners are buying into the idea of employing their creativity to improve their homes hence the rise in the demand of cordless drills. However buying a drill at the Tool Report drill is bound to be difficult for first-time buyers that are not well knowledgeable of the products and their essential features. Therefore this article will highlight some tips that could simplify the selection process.qkebejbljkrq3

Types of cordless drills

It is imperative for buyers to have prior knowledge of the different types of cordless drills before making a particular purchase. They have been categorized into four different types including cordless screwdrivers, cordless drills/drivers, cordless impact drivers and cordless hammer drivers. A cordless driver is used for driving screws and performing light tasks like woodworking and minor improvement jobs. Secondly, cordless drills are versatile tools that can be utilized for drilling and driving screws. They are also employed for removing screws from light surfaces.

Thirdly we have impact drivers that are automated and mainly used by technicians for removing and fastening bolts. The automatic feature will increase and decrease the speed of the torque depending on the toughness of the surface or structure it is employed. Lastly, the hammer drivers are the most powerful drills that can be used to drill through concrete, metals, and bricks.


wjbgwbgjkwebfThis is a crucial aspect that you ought to pay keen attention because it will directly determine the level of efficiency of your drill. Power is measured in Voltage which can range from 2.4V to 36V. However, it is important to note that the amount of voltage does not translate to the effectiveness of the drill because efficiency depends on the kind of work it is employed. This is to say that a hammer drill may be useful in masonry work, but its power may be too high for light home improvement projects.

Chuck size and speed

There are different sizes of chuck and the most prevalent one is 3/8” and 1.5”. The half inch chucks are for the largest drills and are preferred for heavy duty models in the market whereas the 3/8” chucks will suffice for DIY tasks.…


Ways To Ensure A Fair Contractor Accountant’s Quote

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Choosing the right contractor accountant will determine the timeliness and quality of your work and give you value for your money. If you consider the top contractor accountants compared list, then picking one will be easy. This brief overview looks into ways to ensure a fair contractor accountants quote.

How to ensure a fair contractor accountant’s quote

Ask the contractor if they can itemize the bid

Most contractors give a bottom-line price for the entire project. However, this leaves you unaware of what they are charging for every project. An itemized project enables you to compare contractor’s prices. It also enlightens you on your options hence you can cut some project costs and provides valuable documentation eliminating disputes. A straight up accountant will itemize their bids and if they are not willing to then they cannot be trusted.


Ask about charges

Ask if the accountant charges to incorporate your company or whether the fee is included in the monthly fee. The actual business formation cost is little, and through software filing, your company will need to be registered for VAT. The accountant should be able to register you as an employer with HMRC and set up your payroll. They will also need to create your share structure and address more administrative tasks. You will realize that some accountants tend to complete one director’s return free of charge while others will opt to charge a one-off fee.

Ask how much the contractor accountant will charge you

Price is a vital element in deciding to hire an accountant. You can compare the price of different contractors to employ one who ensures value for your money. You will realize that most top accountants charge the same price hence you should focus on the quality of customer service the accountant offers and quality of their work.

Ask how the accountant handles IR35 contract reviews

You will find that some analysts offer free inspection service as required to 1 or 2 reviews per year. However, some accountants will charge you a fixed fee for a third party or in-house review. You also hold the option to hire an employment status specialist to take this service.

Consider change of accountants

Remember that if you change accountants, you may have to incur additional costs bringing your new controller up to date. Hence you should choose wisely and consider carefully before employing the services of a particular contract accountant.


You may now go ahead and make an informed decision in selecting a contract accountant. Make sure you obtain a reasonable quote that gives you quality service and value for your money.…